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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the non-invasive blood glucose sensors commercialized?

Commercialization of our products is targeted in the year 2025.

What is the difference with other glucose meters?

Our sensor devises enable people to measure blood glucose within 5 seconds by simply touching the sensor, without taking a blood sample.  We apply very specific type of light which is the only light that can accurately measure the blood glucose.  This is the fruition of our many years’ dedicated research.

Where can I buy the products?

The sales channel has not been decided yet.

How much are the products?

The prices are to be announced in the year 2025, when we plan to launch the products in the market.

I’d like to try it out.  Can I be a tester?

Right now, everything is carried out via medical facilities, hence we cannot let an individual test our products at this moment.

Can I get a brochure?

Please find the details on “Our Products” and “About Us” on our website as all the information is available on our website.

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