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No more finger pricks!

World’s first blood glucose sensor without needles

Diabetes is a disease that a patient cannot well control glucose (blood sugar) in the blood and is called “source of all diseases” as it can cause various complications such as cerebral infarction, dementia, neuropathy, etc.

To treat diabetes, it is essential to measure blood glucose level accurately.  However, in a current way, a patient needs to finger prick to take a blood sample multiple times a day.  This has been a big challenge in terms of managing blood glucose level accurately and continuously, as not getting necessary data for treatment sufficiently due to the current painful method.

Light Touch Technology (LTT) has developed the world's first blood sampling-free (non-invasive) blood glucose sensor using advanced laser technology. 

We aspire to commercialize this advanced technology as a home medical device and a wearable device by miniaturizing the sensor significantly with the support of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Leading-edge Technology with extensive experiences and achievements for over 25 years


Advanced solid-state

laser technology

The solid-state laser technology having been cultivated over many years, enabled the ultra-small Ytterbium-doped YAG laser.


Optical parametric oscillation technology

Resonator mirror optimization enabled wavelength conversion of near-infrared light oscillated from the YAG laser to mid-infrared light with high efficiency.


The LTT sensors easily measure real-time blood glucose level by simply putting a hand over the light just for 5 seconds.


The LTT sensors measure the blood glucose level with a high-brightness mid-infrared laser by putting a hand on.  Since it does not hurt the body, it can reduce the mental burden.


The LTT sensors uses a completely non-invasive blood glucose sensing technology, thus there are no concerns about infection, and anyone can use it safely.


The LTT sensors measure the blood glucose level in completely non-invasive way, that makes no medical waste possible.


Just 5 seconds

Just touch with your fingertips

The measurement is easy.  Simply touch the monitor with your fingertips to complete.

Product Lineup


Mobile Blood Glucose Sensor

This portable device enables people with diabetes to measure blood glucose level at anytime and anywhere.


Just 5 seconds to check your blood glucose

Quickly acquire data using an infrared laser that oscillates at high speed.  The data is wirelessly transferred and instantly displayed on devices such as smartphones and dedicated readers (optional).

View what is the "Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Sensor"


Anytime anywhere to check your blood glucose

Quick & easy check for “Blood Sugar Spike” after meal.

Current blood glucose level and its temporal change is displayed on your smartphone or a dedicated reader (optional).

View what is the "Blood Sugar Spike"


Non Invasive Blood Glucose Sensor

Carbo Health Sensor

This stationary-type device can add value to healthcare services in various fields.

Carbo Health Sensor is a health monitor that helps prevent diabetes.


In public and educational institutions such as government offices, libraries, etc.

Disseminating daily carbo health management as an initiative by public and educational institutions will lead to raising the health awareness of local residents.  Establishing health consciousness from an early age has a great impact on lifespan.


At pharmacies and drug stores

Pharmacies and drug stores are everywhere in town; and are often stopped by people in their daily lives.  Since it is a place where pharmacists are resident, interviews and carbo health management can be provided in one set to raise people’s health awareness.


At fitness centers

By making carbo health management an ongoing habit combined with exercise at a health promotion place such as a fitness center, it can support preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes.

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